We are committed to embracing and developing the next wave of Foundry-workers and Engineers; Generation Z picking up from our Baby-Boomers. Our need for committed, enthused and skilled employees is a continual process, critical to meeting the ever-changing needs of our customer base and industry.

Brafe’s Apprentice program is now in its 5th year, with the organisation constantly looking for talented employees from school-leavers through to higher education students.

What We Expect of our Apprentices;

  • Punctuality – To be ready and motivated to work each day.
  • Commitment – A drive to learn, absorb information and become the future of our Industry.
  • Respect – Our colleagues, Customers and Suppliers.
  • Compliance – To work safely; Using common sense and following Procedure and Process.
  • To embrace all that is good about Brafe; Its Culture, Ethos, Past and Future.

What our Apprentices Expect from Us;

  • Reward – A rate of pay and rewards befitting of the role; and beyond our statutory obligation.
  • Commitment – To offer the most relevant and specific Training and Qualifications, supporting the practical application of skills.
  • Valued – The same level of respect as any other employee or stakeholder.
  • Compliance – A safe and secure working environment.
  • To instil all that is good about Brafe; Its Culture, Ethos, Past and Future.


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