How Brafe handle and use personal data collected via this website

  • All data collected via this website is only used by Brafe (the Data Controller) for legitimate business interest and shall not be passed/sold on to any other parties.
  • Filling out and submitting an online form via the Brafe website is a voluntary act by the Data Subject and is regarded as consent to act upon and use the information for the purpose that it was provided.
  • Brafe comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and have suitably trained employees and processes in place to handle and use your (the Data Subject) personal data securely and for the purpose that you submitted the information.
  • Brafe may retain and use your data for any future endeavour or purpose that may be of legitimate interest to Brafe or the Data Subject.
  • If you wish to exercise your right to have your personal data erased, then please make contact with the HR department (see Contact page) and this shall be done within one month of your request.
  • If you require a full copy of Brafe’s Data Protection Policy then please contact the HR Manager and that shall be made available to you.
  • You may contact and submit information to Brafe by other means (see Contact page) and in each case your personal data shall be handled in line with the GDPR and Brafe company policy.
  • If you have any further questions with regard to how Brafe handle or use your personal data then please feel free to contact the HR Manager or Compliance Manager.

Updated April 2021